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Best and Affordable Corporate Lawyers in Texas

While it’s easy to associate the Texas market with a lull in activity, major law firms are re-energizing their interest in the state. The result is an influx of legal talent and more lucrative work.

Corporate lawyers specialize in advising corporations and their officers, directors and controlling shareholders on formation, governance and day-to-day legal problems. This includes navigating patent dockets, negotiating contracts and preparing mergers and acquisitions.


A Texas company looking to get the ball rolling in the business world might want to enlist an experienced and competent team of corporate lawyers to assist with their many and varied legal needs. This might include negotiating contracts, reviewing real estate options, or helping with tax planning and preparation. The right team of experts can help you navigate the ins and outs of the legal landscape while focusing on your long term goals. The right team can also help with the finer points of running your own business, such as figuring out where your customers are and how to effectively serve them. The best team can even help you navigate the legal waters while you are still a start-up. The team at Bailey & Galyen has the experience to handle your corporate needs in Arlington, Bedford, Burleson, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Mansfield, Mesquite, Midland/Odessa, Plano, Texarkana and Weatherford, TX. The best teams are the ones that make you feel like a valued client and provide top-notch service at a fair price.


Corporate law is the practice area of lawyers who advise corporations and their officers, directors, and controlling shareholders with respect to the formation, governance, and day-to-day legal problems of such entities. They also assist companies with mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, federal and state securities issues, partnerships, joint ventures, and technology contracting.

Texas corporate laws define the requirements for business formation, ranging from non-filing to filing entities. Filing businesses must file articles of incorporation and pay the appropriate fees with the Secretary of State.

A Texas corporate lawyer can help a business navigate the process of incorporating and choosing the best corporate structure for its needs. They can also ensure that the proper paperwork is filed and that your chosen business name is available.

A corporate attorney can also help a company deal with the business cycle, which can include periods of prosperity and downturns. They can counsel owners about avoiding litigation and preparing the strongest legal case possible in court.


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